Over 200 sites live in 2 months!

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The team at White Label Greeting Cards (WLGC) are delighted with their first 2 months since launch.  In this short time we have 239 sites now already live! 

Some of the partners are recognised brands, whereby they have just plugged a WLGC personalised greeting card site within their website, talking about the new product offering to their already established audience. 

Other entrepreneurial partners have used the WLGC technology to create a brand new business.

We are delighted that 2 charities are now using the service, Devon Air Ambulance and Community Foster Care, and both are now creating news about their new online greeting card shops within their marketing campaigns, to all their fabulous supporters.

Great start.

For other charities wishing to create a new revenue stream, FREE of charge, please get in touch.

Lucy Goaman



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Terrific Day with Devon Air Ambulance

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It is not often that you have a day that you know you will truly remember.

I was fortunate enough to have one such day today – the PR launch of the collaboration between Devon Air Ambulance and White Label Greeting Cards.

Devon Air Ambulance is the first charity to launch the new online personalised greeting card service, provided by White Label Greeting Cards.

To celebrate Sam Heaton (MD of White Label Greeting Cards), Jack Lomas (Devon Air Ambulance Trustee) and I were invited to be shown around Devon’s Air Ambulance – a EC135 Helicopter – based at the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary Air Support Unit at Middlemoor in Exeter, by Helena Holt (CEO Devon Air Ambulance) and Sarah Burden (PR Manager Devon Air Ambulance).

On arrival to the air base, the red glistening helicopter was a wonderful sight, parked up, in the clearing fog.

Paramedic Helen comprehensively explained exactly what happens when an emergency call is put out, how the equipment is efficiently stowed, and how cleverly treatment is carried out onboard.

The air ambulance is used extensively everyday in Devon for emergency medical assistance in situations, where either a traditional ambulances cannot reach the accident scene easily or quickly enough, or where the patient needs to be transported some considerable distance.

The team at White Label Greeting Cards is extremely proud of the collaboration, and look forward to it turning into a successful fundraising initiative for this essential live-saving Devon charity.

To view the cards on the Devon Air Ambulance site, please follow this link. http://www.daat.org/shop-cards/

Lucy Goaman

Are you thinking of setting up a new business? Or working with someone who has?


I have been meeting some fascinating people, mainly in Devon, many of whom are tempted to take the big step and set up a new business.  I have started to develop  a quick way of telling whether I think they are up for the challenge, which helps me decide if I should be working with them.  My mental checklist is as follows:

1) Good innovators and creators: Some people have a strong history of creating, and starting things on their own.  From selling freshly caught mackerel on the beach as children, through to doing 3 jobs whilst paying their way at University, to creating additional revenue streams alongside their “day job.”  The skills acquired are those of immense resourcefulness of successfully building something from nothing.

2) Thought and planning: Successful entrepreneurs have thought, or more likely dreamt, about running their businesses from a long time, and are not acting on a whim.  They are deliberate in their intention, and have fully thought through the possible serious downsides.

3) Excitement: They are excited.  Genuinely thrilled that they are working on something that they have created.  Getting them to talk about anything else is actually quite difficult!

4) Resourceful: The business owners also are fantastic at turning their hand at whatever is needed. One minute product developing, the next on business development, the following day cleaning the loo’s!  In start ups there are simply too many roles and too few people to do them.  So the ones that are working well are where the business owners are experts in their fields, and importantly are willing to step out of their comfort zone and roll up their sleeves!

5) Good at prioritising: And finally, I had a boss once who called projects “The Big Rocks (TBR’s).”  It is really important new start ups identify “TBR’s” and prioritise them,  keep them running to budget, and to time.  Smaller, less important tasks should be only completed once TBR’s are in good shape.

If you look out for these little clues when working with a new start up, hopefully you will avoid wasting time on ones that have simply not had enough planning time or a strong enough desire to succeed.

Lucy Goaman